School Testimonies

Curiosity Club stands out as one of the most innovative and creative schemes our school has ever been part of. The planning, organisation and delivery is thoughtful and clearly demonstrates a clear understanding of the challenges young people face in today’s world and what tools they require to overcome them.

Xenia and her team represent fantastic value for money considering the preparation that goes into every session, culminating in trips that are completely unique. Our students have been able to meet, communicate and network with professionals and artists tailor-picked because of students’ curiosity, breaking down the barriers that typically hinder students from these opportunities.

It is difficult to overestimate the impact Curiosity Club can have on a young person, and it is no surprise to me whatsoever that we have quickly expanded from using it from one year group to two.
— Sam Foster, Director of Core and Sixth Form, St Mark's Academy
Despite being extremely ambitious, many of our young people lack the confidence to communicate effectively with many adults and professional people. Curiosity Club helps improve their self-esteem, communication and professional persona.

Taking our children out of their comfort zones and exposing them to the cultural and behavioural expectations of the workplace will provide them with the skills needed to be successful not only in their academic studies, but also in their future careers.
— Matt Jones, Principal of Ark Globe Academy, London

Curiosity Club began in 2014 after working at an academy school in South London, where we noticed many of the students struggled to express their interests or articulate them into questions - with little to no confidence to pursue them as a hobby or carry them through to work experience.

It was inspired by the European tradition of Journeymen, an apprenticeship scheme dating hundreds of years whereby a young student approaches Masters of their chosen craft to learn from directly. It builds skills, but also character, as the young apprentice ventures into new environments and has to survive purely on wit and determination.

Curiosity Club works with young people across 5 weeks, with each week focussing on a different Curious characteristic; Introspection, Communication, Confidence, Courage, and Gratitude. Over the 5 weeks they are provided with a toolkit to prepare them for a real-world meeting with an Expert that they have chosen, who is willing to guide them further along the path of Curiosity.

I thought it would be harder because I’m so shy, but actually, I found it easy to talk to the Experts.
— Malika, 14
I feel more confident, more capable of asking questions when I don’t understand something.
— Ruby, 13
I met different Experts, all in one day, and it taught me that maybe one day I could be like them.
— Farhana, 14