Curiosity Club

Curiosity Club wants to see a generation of curious, pro-active and inspired young people, equipped with practical tools to harness the power of adults & information available to them - strengthening connections with their curiosities and their local communities.

It began when working at an academy school in South London, where we noticed many of the students lacked the ability to consider their interests or articulate them into questions, let alone have the confidence pursue them as a hobby or carry them through to work experience.

Curiosity Club works with secondary students who have barriers to their self-awareness, confidence and communication, and helps them improve these behaviours and skills through the guise of investigating something they’re curious about. 

We believe the tools, confidence and creativity young people need to build successful futures for themselves are within reach. With Curiosity Club students will discover their abilities by exploring their curiosities, creating an empowered generation of auto-didactic and confident youngsters who become pioneers of their destinies. 


Past visits to experts of our curiosities

Curiosity is the engine of achievement
— Sir Ken Robinson